Dallas Police

Quick-Thinking Cyclist Helps Nab Two Suspected Robbers

Quick thinking by a Lake Highlands cyclist helped Dallas Police nab two suspected robbers early Tuesday morning, officials say.

Ken Coutant was riding his bike near the intersection of Overwood Road and Meadowglen Drive when he said a car drove up behind him and nearly hit him.

“They just kinda pushed me to the curb with their car and jumped out, and the guy had a handgun. He pointed it right at my face and said, ‘Give me your phone,’ basically,” Coutant said.

The cyclist said the men demanded his phone's passcode and once Coutant handed it over, the men took off in their car.

Coutant immediately rode home and while calling 911, grabbed his iPad to try and track his phone.

He found a location and gave it to police.

“We pinged the phone again and found it over by the junior high and called that in. I guess it was 15 minutes later when they were patrolling I gave them the description of the car and the plate and they found these guys,” Coutant said.

Dallas Police located and arrested the men shortly thereafter near Lake Highlands Junior High.

Officers are now trying to determine if the men are also responsible for other recent robberies in the Lake Highlands area.

Two joggers were robbed in the past few weeks, one in the 10000 block of Chesterton Drive and another in the 10000 block of Lanshire Drive.

Coutant said he’s confident it’s the same people.

“The fact they hit the exact same neighborhood and had the exact same M.O.,” he said.

Police said they will put the men in a line up to see if the other victims can identify them.

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