Questions, Public Interest Surround ‘Leaning Tower of Dallas'

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An 11-story building, dubbed “The Leaning Tower of Dallas” on social media, continued to attract crowds and questions a day after a planned demolition failed to completely topple it.

“Somebody has to pay for this,” Ric Truong said as he snapped a photo, smiling.  

Like dozens, Truong was attracted to the area where the building’s current state has become a running joke. But its botched demolition will likely cost tens of thousands of dollars extra to complete, according to Jake Lindamood, who owns a demolition company of his own.

A livestream of a Texas Department Transportation camera fixed on the building will appear in the above video player.

”They were hoping when they shot the front of it, it would lean over and fall, and unfortunately it just squatted on them,” Lindamood said as he watched a video of the demolition. “This one had a very robust center core that had the elevator, stairwell, solid concrete.”

Lindamood’s company was not involved in the demolition, but he said he empathized with those involved who were now caught in an unanticipated spotlight.  

“It may take some extra steps, some extra days, but taking that extra, it’s worth it to make that building come on the ground,” he said.

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