Quake Questions Rattle Residents Near Epicenter

30 North Texas earthquakes since November

Residents and scientists are looking closely at a cluster of earthquakes that have shaken homes in the Azle and Reno, TX areas.

The area about 20 miles northwest of Fort Worth had more than a dozen small earthquakes in November. The U.S. Geological Survey reported two minor quakes this week -- both 3.3 magnitude earthquakes centered near Reno.

NBC 5's interactive map of the 30 earthquakes recorded in North Texas can be found by clicking this link.

In a letter to the City of Azle, the USGS provided a preliminary report about the earthquake investigation. That preliminary investigation narrowed down the epicenter of a group of quakes felt in Azle and Reno. The epicenter is along Boyd Road between Reno and Briar, near the Tarrant and Parker county line.

To investigate the quakes, the USGS brought in more seismographs to pinpoint exactly where the earthquakes are centered.

Residents that live in the area affected by the most quakes say they feel steady vibrations for a few seconds, almost like a heavy truck passing by their homes. Those who feel the quakes have reported seeing hanging objects swing back and forth and observe their windows rattling.

Kristi Ramon, a nurse and a mother of two, felt Monday’s 3.3 magnitude quake.

"It was a jolt, the whole house moved," she said. "I heard was a crack go through the house, and literally the couch underneath me bounced."

Ramon said "it was scary" and she’s unnerved by the frequent quakes that rock her hometown.

"I worked for six weeks in Oakland, California, and never felt one tremor. So to come back home to Texas, and feel them here, it’s unexpected. We’re uneducated. There’s too many questions that haven’t been answered," she said.

The Parker County Sheriff's Office has had no reports of anyone hurt or damage.

The cause of the quakes is still the subject of debate. Some residents believe injection wells used in natural gas drilling in the area may be behind the recent high number of quakes.

Authorities said they are still investigating what's been causing the earthquakes, but will attempt to answer public questions in the next few weeks.

A Texas Railroad Commission member will host a public forum with people who live in an area plagued by minor earthquakes.

Commissioner David Porter says the town hall meeting will be held Jan. 2 in Azle to discuss recent seismic activity. The commission is in charge of regulating oil and gas operations.

Ramon said she will attend next week’s town hall meeting and demand that the state do something to better protect homeowners.

"This is the town I grew up in. I don’t want to see something happen to my home. To my friend’s homes. To my family’s homes. If there’s something we can do to better prepare ourselves, I want to know about it," Ramon said.

Here are the USGS and NBC 5 reports of all North Texas earthquakes recorded in December and November:

December Earthquakes

  1. Dec. 23 - 7:11 a.m.: Magnitude 3.3, southwest of Reno
  2. Dec. 22 - 11:31 a.m.: Magnitude 3.3, south of Reno
  3. Dec. 17 - 2:09 p.m.: Magnitude 2.1, north of Azle
  4. Dec. 14 - 10:54 p.m.: Magnitude 2.8, near Springtown
  5. Dec. 13 - 9:32 p.m.: Magnitude 2.6, near Sadler (Grayson County)
  6. Dec. 12 - 11:43 p.m.: Magnitude 2.6, south-southwest of Pottsboro (Grayson County)
  7. Dec. 10 - 9:39 a.m.: Magnitude 2.7, east of Azle
  8. Dec. 9 - 3:23 a.m.: Magnitude 3.7, north-northeast of Mineral Wells
  9. Dec. 8 - 12:10 a.m.: Magnitude 3.6, northwest of Azle
  10. Dec. 3 - 8:44 a.m.: Magnitude 2.7, north of Azle

November Earthquakes

  1. Nov. 29 - 12:14 a.m.: Magnitude 3.2, west of Azle
  2. Nov. 28 - 2:41 a.m.: Magnitude 2.8, north of Mineral WellsStory
  3. Nov. 28 - 1:58 a.m.: Magnitude 3.6, north of Mineral WellsStory
  4. Nov. 26 - 2:03 p.m.: Magnitude 2.7, west-southwest of Azle | Story
  5. Nov. 26 - 8:24 a.m.: Magnitude 3.0, east of Azle | Story
  6. Nov. 25 - 7:55 p.m.: Magnitude 2.7, south-southeast of Azle
  7. Nov. 25 - 1:43 a.m.: Magnitude 3.3, west of AzleStory
  8. Nov. 23 - 3:43 a.m.: Magnitude 2.9, west-northwest of Azle | Story
  9. Nov. 20 - 11:53 p.m.: Magnitude 2.2, north-northeast of Azle
  10. Nov. 19 - 6:40 p.m.: Magnitude 3.6, north-northwest of Azle | Story
  11. Nov. 19 - 12:03 p.m.: Magnitude 2.8, west of Azle
  12. Nov. 19 - 11:57 a.m.: Magnitude 2.5, northwest of Azle
  13. Nov. 13 - 3:01 a.m.: Magnitude 2.6, east-northeast of Azle
  14. Nov. 11 - 2:30 a.m.: Magnitude 2.8, north of Azle | Story
  15. Nov. 9 - 1:54 p.m.: Magnitude 3.0, south of SpringtownStory
  16. Nov. 8 - 9:34 p.m. : Magnitude 2.4, northwest of Azle
  17. Nov. 7 - 10:32 p.m.: Magnitude 2.9, near Springtown
  18. Nov. 5 - 9:32 p.m.: Magnitude 2.6, north of AzleStory
  19. Nov. 2 - 12:45 a.m.: Magnitude 2.0, south-southeast of Mansfield
  20. Nov. 1 - 4:57 p.m.: Magnitude 2.1, east-northeast of Richland Hills | Story
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