QB Andy Dalton’s Missing Suitcases Found

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Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton located his missing suitcases after they fell out of his in-law's truck in North Texas last month.

The Texas Christian University alum tweeted early in the morning Feb. 10 that they had lost their bags on the way to the airport.  Later that evening Dalton again tweeted  that #bagsearch2016 was officially over.

Dalton told NBC 5 the suitcases fell out of his truck somewhere between the U.S. 75-Interstate 635 interchange and D/FW International Airport sometime after 6 a.m.

Dalton said he put his suitcases in the bed of his father-in-law's truck but that the tailgate never got closed.  When they arrived at the airport, the tailgate was open and the luggage was gone.

In his tweet, Dalton asked that anyone who found them contact him on Twitter @andydalton14.

Within minutes of Dalton's tweet, several people began trolling him with pictures of suitcases.


About 12 hours after the initial tweet, Dalton and his luggage were reunited.  The bags had been found and brought to a police station.

Dalton said after his father-in-law picked up the luggage he was able to reach out the good Samaritan to offer thanks.

NBC 5's Holley Ford contributed to this report.

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