Q: Is That A Giant Mosquito In My House?

Crane flies aren't "skeeter eaters" at all.

They are huge bugs that look like a gigantic mosquito, but crane flies are far less dangerous than many people believe.

Chances are, you’ve heard of a crane fly by another name like “skeeter eater” or “mosquito hawks,” but the insects don’t actually hunt mosquitoes. In fact, crane flies feed on nectar from flowers if they eat at all.

Most crane flies species only mature into adulthood, mate, and the die. Spring season is the preferred mating time for the flies, which is why they are so frequently seen this time of year.

Due to a mild winter, crane flies -- and the mosquitoes they are commonly thought to be linked to -- are already appearing in droves in North Texas. Unlike the pesky "skeeters" that bite humans, crane flies are medically harmless to people.

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