Purple Cat Up for Adoption in Fort Worth

The Humane Society of North Texas received an unusual stray last week, a bright purple cat.

“She was a little frustrated when she came into the shelter, but I don’t think anyone blamed her for that,” said Whitney Hanson, with the Humane Society of North Texas.

The cat’s calico fur was dyed bright purple. A good Samaritan found her wandering outside an apartment complex in west Fort Worth and brought her to the shelter.

After several baths, the dye remained, so shelter staff named her Fuchsia.

“We don’t know what was used to dye her, who dyed her fur, but she’s obviously standing out a lot at the shelter,” said Hanson.

Coloring pets has become a growing trend, but Hanson said they were concerned over what kind of dye was used. There are nontoxic dyes made for coloring pet hair, but some dyes contain toxic chemicals that can be especially dangerous for cats who spend hours licking and grooming their fur.

Despite the bad dye job, veterinarians said Fuchsia is healthy and ready to be adopted. The 2-year-old feline is available at the Humane Society of North Texas at 1804 E. Lancaster Avenue in Fort Worth.

Shelter staff hope the colored coat will not prevent Fuchsia from finding a good home.

“She’s really come out of her shell,” said Hanson. “She was a little bit shy, but she’s very sweet and she’s quickly become a staff favorite. Any family is going to be lucky to have her.”

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