Puppy Stuck in Dallas Storm Drain Rescued

"It's cold and it's wet and it's little."

Dallas Animal Control officers and Dallas Fire-Rescue crews rescued a puppy that had been stuck in a West Dallas storm drain for nine days.

The puppy could be heard clearly yelping and barking from the drain pipe Monday, and NBC 5's cameras were able to see the wet, scared puppy standing in rainwater.

The rescue took place behind the Jaycee/Zaragoza Recreation Center in the 3100 block of Clymer Street near Singleton.

The City of Dallas put a camera down the storm drain in search of the puppy.

Animal control officers also set a trap near the storm drain in hopes of catching the pup they've been trying to help and it worked. The puppy was caught in the trap, rescuers say he was cold, wet and hungry but otherwise appeared to be OK.

The puppy's mother, a white lab stray, and a male dog believed to be the puppy's father, have been seen pacing near the drain.

The puppy was taken to the Dallas Animal Services facility at Westmoreland Road and Interstate 30 in Dallas and will be up for adoption after a three-day hold.

Animal Control officers said they'll return to the area Tuesday to try to catch the rest of the puppy's family and reunite them, determine if they are adoptable and, if so, find them a home.

Puppy Stuck for Nine Days

A litter of puppies were born about two months ago under a portable classroom of nearby Allen Elementary School.

Teacher Lynda Roth emailed NBC 5 concerned the puppy had been stuck in the storm drain since Nov. 16.

"The citizens have really tried around here to get a hold of it, the kids are upset at school. So bottom line is, we've got a puppy stuck in the drain since last Saturday," said Roth.

Since discovering the puppy, Roth said she has called the city for help before and other animal rescue groups.

City crews had tried to rescue the puppy in the past with no luck, until Monday afternoon.

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