Puppy Recovering After Found With Ears Cut Off

Employees at the Garland Animal Shelter say it’s one of the most difficult cases they’ve seen.

Earlier this week a Garland resident spotted a 4-month-old Labrador-mix abandoned on the street missing its ears.

“It’s obvious someone had butchered this dog’s ears. That’s what I call it, and that’s the first thing that came to mind,” said Garland veterinarian Dr. Robert Osborne. “It was horrifying.”

Osborne said he believes whoever owned the puppy was attempting to clip the dog’s ears and possibly turn it into a fight dog.

“Whoever did it didn’t leave any ear. They cut it off flush with the head. It’s just awful,” he said.

Now, the puppy since named Shadow, is recovering remarkably well.

After arriving at the shelter, he’s received medicine, care and has the playful stamina of any regular puppy.

“Our number one priority is to make sure he’s healthy, well-taken care of and that we find a permanent home for him. And as you can see, he loves to play,” said Garland Animal Shelter spokesperson Uriel Villalpando.

A rescue group, Cody’s Friends Rescue, will foster Shadow until he’s fully healed, neutered and has received all of his vaccinations.

After that, the dog will be available for adoption.

Workers at Garland Animal Services said they have no idea as to the person who hurt Shadow, however they are hoping someone comes forward with information.

Those interested in adopting Shadow can visit: codysfriendsrescue.com.

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