Puppy in Denton County Tests Positive for Rabies

NBC 5 News

Denton County health officials have issued a warning after a puppy recently tested positive for rabies.

Officials said the puppy was from a litter west of Krum, near the intersection of Plainview Road and Knox Road.

Denton County Public Health said area residents with potential exposure to any of the puppies from this litter between November 19 and December 7 are being notified via emergency alert phone notifications.

Individuals who were potentially exposed are encouraged to contact DCPH immediately at 940-349-2909 to speak with an epidemiology investigator.

DCPH does not believe there is an ongoing risk.

"Rabies is a rare disease in domestic pets, but if contracted, almost always a fatal condition in humans," stated Dr. Matt Richardson, DCPH Director. "We want to know if anyone was exposed to these puppies between these dates so they can begin a rabies vaccination series immediately."

Exposure could include a puppy nipping, biting, or licking an individual.

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