Puppy Found In Corsicana With Ears Cut Off Gets New Home, New Job

It has been a long road to recovery for a puppy found in a Corsicana trash can late last year.

It was on a Monday afternoon in November, when a young boy walking near Drane School heard a sound coming from a trash bin. 

He stopped to look what was inside, and lo and behold, it was a small, black puppy, who appeared to be starving. 

A good Samaritan driving by saw the boy holding the puppy and stopped to help. At a closer look, they realized the dogs ears had been cut off, and they were badly infected.

The good Samaritan rushed the puppy to the Corsicana Veterinary Clinic for help, and the police were called. 

With no one to claim the abandoned animal, the clinic took her in and named her "Collins." 

The dog's recovery has been remarkable.

However, police have not been able to find the person responsible for her abuse. 

"Of course, this case is an impossible one to follow through with, but we are determined to make it known that this type of treatment of animals in Navarro County will not be accepted," wrote the Corsicana Veterinary Clinic on their Facebook page. "Collins is a living being who was left in the trash to die, and it doesn't matter if there isn't a person to prosecute, our community needs to know this is not OK, and we will NOT quietly allow it to happen."

Luckily, Collins is now getting her second chance.

After weeks of rehabilitation and healing, the puppy left for dead is getting adopted and will be giving back to her community, the same way they gave to her.

The Heritage Oaks Retirement Village in Corsicana has adopted Collins, and she will be a "therapist." 

"She will be living there full-time, walking the halls to spread her love to all the residents and giving them all an extra reason to smile each day," wrote the Corsicana Veterinary Clinic in their latest Facebook post about Collins.

The team at the veterinary hospital who helped nurse Collins back to health said, "Despite her rough start, she holds no grudges, loves unconditionally, and has been a bright light to everyone that she meets." 

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