Public Voices Opinions About Dallas' Confederate Monuments Task Force Recommendations

People packed the Dallas City Council chambers Wednesday night for a special session public hearing on the Confederate Monuments Task Force recommendations.

"You can cease this moment," said Coymelle Murchison, who served on the task force. "State Dallas public policy is to right the wrongs that have existed."

Some expressed frustration the city has already started to take action by removing the Robert E. Lee monument before the public could weigh in on what to do.

"Was it to make Dallas a happier, a more unified, progressive city," asked one speaker. "Well, it's not working!"

"There are countless reasons for removing these monuments," remarked a man named Jaques. "If we want to attract top companies to Dallas."

"Dallas is the South," Deborah Cook told councilmembers. "You cannot change our history."

Among the task force recommendations, is one to change the names of 5 streets named for Confederate figures. There was opposition from many who live at the Mayfair on Lee Parkway.

"Changing Lee Parkway will not fix potholes," said Bill Ceverha, who lives on Lee Parkway. 

Others were skeptical of the process.

"Is the city simply looking to make a headline splash to make it appear you're doing something significant," asked Dee Genova. "Really you haven't done anything significant at all."

While most of the people who spoke, seemed to speak against task force recommendations, others said that did not mean there were not more opinions.

"Those who aren't speaking up are those who are historically silenced by centuries of racism, oppression, and fear," one woman said.

Another threatened to speak with his vote, saying, "Your November 7th bond issue is going to be voted down. All these people are going to vote no."

The next public hearing will be next Wednesday at Dallas City Hall. The city council will discuss the Confederate Monuments Task Force Recommendations on November 1.

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