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Protesters March on Denton Square

For the third night in a row, people protested on Denton's downtown Square

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Protesters took to the streets in Denton again Tuesday, marching peacefully on the square downtown.

It was the third night in a row that demonstrations have been held in Denton.

People have pledged to protest every night.

For hours, the crowd circled the Square holding signs, chanting and calling for racial equality.

"It's time to wake up. This is so inspiring to me because it's so cool to see so many different kinds of people gathered together for the same reason,” one woman said.

"This is my country and when something goes wrong with it then I want to be part of it and hope I can fix it even if it's no more than screaming back, ‘Peace! Peace!" said Tommy Thomas, a Vietnam veteran and Denton resident.

Tuesday's march was smaller than the crowd that gathered Monday night.

Of the thousands of people who attended Monday night, police said they made two arrests, both about four hours after a 9 p.m. curfew began.

Police said a man was arrested for having and using a riot body shield, which they said is a violation of a city ordinance.

Another person was arrested for violating the curfew order, police said.

Police said they're asking for voluntary compliance.

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