Protecting Your Child From Identity Theft

Here's a simple question for you: has your young child ever received a credit card solicitation in the mail? This could be the first warning sign that your child is a victim of identity theft.

Another troubling fact: There's a one in four chance a family member will be the one who stole it.

The crime goes unreported and the impact won't be realized until the child goes to get their first loan or credit card and learn their credit is ruined.

"They want to get their hands on the social security number of a child, which is pristine, it's delicious to an identity thief," said Adam Levin, the founder of CyberScout.

Whether protecting your child's identity from a family member or stranger, the same rules apply.

Guard your child's social security number. Don't give it out without first asking how it will be used.

Secure documents - Paper records should be filed in a secure location, like a fire proof safe so that visitors or thieves can't get access to them.

Think critically. Consider whether there's anyone in your child's life who is in financial trouble and may be desperate enough to misuse a child's ID.

Check to see if your child has a credit report. If so, ask for a manual search of the child's file.

Here are Samantha's Solutions:

  • If you feel your child has fallen victim to identity theft make sure to file a report
  • While there, you can get a recovery plan put in place to help fix the situation
  • You may want to use their birthday as a reminder. Every year take the time to check to make sure their identity has not been stolen
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