Prosper Starting New Effort to Decrease Water Consumption

The growing town is having difficulty making the same amount of water go around for a rising number of users

The town of Prosper is reaching out to the public, calling it “critical” to conserve water.

Like other municipalities in the North Texas Municipal Water District, Prosper is under Stage 3 restrictions for water usage, which prohibits outdoor watering in the town between 5 a.m. and 7 p.m.

“We’re pushing right now to meet a 10 percent decrease in usage,” said Tristan Cisco, the water conservation education coordinator. “On our watering days, we are using just as much water as the system can put out.”

The maximum translates into five million gallons of water pumped on any watering day.

That number is pushing the system and precluding their efforts to cut down on usage, according to Prosper.

While Prosper does not actively enforce water usage violations, town employees are instead focusing on education.

A new idea called the Prosper Block Leader Program begins Monday.

Town employees like Cisco and Angela Tucker say it works like a neighborhood watch, where one person on a certain street or block will be the city’s go-to liaison for educating the rest of the community.

“[It’s] based on people getting educated, they’re educating others,” Tucker said.

Cisco adds that they’re optimistic for the program’s success, given that other seminars, like sprinkler education program, have led to a noticeable dip in water output.

“We’ve seen a significant decrease in usage since we started our water conservation seminars,” she said.

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