Proposed Grapevine Bridge Project Divides Neighbors

A controversial road project is dividing neighbors in Grapevine, as city council members consider whether to include it in the upcoming bond election.

The current bond proposal includes $8.1 million for a bridge through the heavily wooded floodplain along Bear Creek to connect the north and south ends of Heritage Avenue.

"It's connectivity within the city," said Paul Schaefer, whose group Connect Grapevine supports the project. "It's mobility for people who live south of central Grapevine, like I do."

Supporters say the bridge would improve neighborhood access and emergency response times.

"Huge improvement, several miles cut off for a round trip," Schaefer said.

A popular walking trail through the floodplain near Parr Park attracts neighbors throughout the day, and opponents are lining up to stop the bridge project.

"For many people having a roadway through an existing park and greenbelt system, just those two uses aren't necessarily compatible," said Jon McCormick, with the group Heritage Bridge Busters, which opposes the project.

The project may be on the November ballot, but only if city council members vote to include it in the upcoming bond election.

"It's ultimately the council's decision on whether to put it on the ballot or not, but what our group has been asking is put it out for the public to decide," Schaefer said.

"To me, the city has built the most, they've made the best use possible of the land that's here," said Pippa Robe, with Heritage Bridge Busters. "It would not be the same at all with a road going through."

The bridge proposal is the most expensive part of the $44 million bond package, which would also include money for two new fire stations and other projects.

Council members may decide on Aug. 10 whether to include the Heritage Avenue Bridge project in the bond proposal.

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