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Proposed Apartment Complex to Be Heard Before Fort Worth Zoning Commission

Complex would include 150 units designed to attract TCU students but open to general public, developer says

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Fort Worth’s zoning commission is set to hear plans Wednesday afternoon over a proposed apartment complex in the Paschal-area neighborhood.

The Chicago-based developer CRG is proposing to build a 150-unit complex with roughly 450 bedrooms in 2800 blocks of Forest Park Boulevard and Wayside Avenue, CRG principal Jay Case confirmed to NBC 5.

The project is expected to be heard at a 2 p.m. meeting Wednesday before Fort Worth’s zoning commission.

Described as an upscale three and four-story building with full amenities, Case said the proposed complex would include a parking garage for 495 cars. This includes 45 spaces for visitors.   

Units are designed to attract TCU students but they would be open to the general public, according to Case.

J.D. Barnes, newly elected president of the Paschal Neighborhood Association, said he’s concerned the complex would increase traffic in an area that already faces issues with congestion. The proposed complex is just north of RL Paschal High School.

“This was one of our main contentions when we went before the city council on the smaller 58-bedroom unit on Lowden Street, is the safety for students,” Barnes said. “Myself, I was nearly in two accidents – coincidentally about a minute apart at one point with cars pulling out in front of you and all of us getting t-boned, because you cannot see with the parked cars on both sides of the street.”

CRG recently gained control of the 3.2 acre block bounded by Lowden, Wayside, Cantey, and Forest Park, Case said. The block in question before the zoning commission currently includes 19 multi-unit buildings, primarily rented to TCU students.

“There are no single-family homes on the block.  In fact, the block is not zoned for single-family homes,” Case explained in an email. “Rather, it is currently zoned for multifamily residences and, pursuant to the 2019 City Master Plan, is planned for multifamily/mixed-used.”

A zoning commission staff report concludes CRG’s proposed use is consistent with the city’s master plan, Case noted.

Even so, longtime Paschal-area neighbors like Michelle Hawks say they’re concerned a new complex would further change their neighborhood. Hawks, who has lived in the area for nearly 50 years, was previously involved with the neighborhood association.

“I thought the idea was getting families in the neighborhood and with the complex, I don’t see that being family-oriented. All I see is loud music, fast cars, and just all kinds of stuff,” Hawks said.

According to Case, CRG has had two meetings with Paschal neighbors and has scheduled a third meeting later this month. 

“In addition, CRG has included Paschal Neighbors in calls with the traffic consultant retained to evaluate the traffic impact of the project and will continue to involve the neighbors in the development process.  CRG has pledged to keep the neighbors involved and informed about the process, and will continue to discuss their reasonable concerns – like driveway locations and unit count,” Case explained.

If approved, the project would break ground in the fall of 2020.

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