Pronouncing Names on Graduation Day

Woman announces every graduate at Texas Woman's University

It is graduation weekend for most North Texas Universities.

One thing that has to go right as students cross the stage on their special day is the pronunciation of their name. A woman at Texas Woman's University tries to make this happen. Juanita Duenez-Lazo reads every graduate's name at every graduation ceremony.

Amid the pomp and circumstance on graduation day, there comes a time when each graduate is center-stage.

"They are the focus. It's their name being read. It's an event for every person," said Duenez-Lazo.

Duenez-Lazo is the person who reads graduate's names before they cross the stage. She has the same goal for each person that hands her a name card.

"I want to get it right," said Duenez-Lazo.
A name may not seem like a big deal; however, students that crossed the stage on Friday said the correct pronunciation can mean so much.

"It is really who you are. You want your identity to be recognized for who it is. You don't want your name to sound like a different nationality," said Texas Woman's University graduate Felicia Chidoulue.

It's a job that no one is begging to take; however,  Duenez-Lazo said she actually enjoys it.

"I am very passionate about it," said Duenez-Lazo. "I love it."

She's been reading names for nearly 15 years and does not see an end in sight.

"It's job security," said Duenez-Lazo.

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