Problem Solvers: Wrong Parking Sticker Placement Leads to UTA Ticket

UTA changes student's $20 parking citation to warning

A University of Texas at Arlington student said his car was ticketed on campus because his parking sticker was in the wrong spot.

Chris Rhodes said he did not receive information on where to put his parking sticker after paying for his $130 permit.

"I placed my parking sticker above my tags on the windshield and received a $20 ticket because they want it on the other side of the windshield," he said.

School officials said the information on where to place the sticker is printed on the back of the decals.

But the school said it would lower Rhodes' citation to a warning.

UTA said it had a handful of students who were unfamiliar with directions on the decal that indicate that it should be placed on the inside right corner of their windshield.

Rhodes said he met other students fighting "pointless tickets" when he was in the waiting room.

"A couple of people were angry because they put a paper on their dashboard saying they have not received their sticker in the mail and the police officer neglected to look," he said.

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