Problem Solved: Valentine’s Day Flower Dilemma

A Burleson woman saw the NBC 5 Responds stories last month about Valentine's Day flowers and knew she had to call.

She to fight back when her Valentine's Day flowers weren't quite what she expected.

Angela is a loyal NBC 5 viewer and NBC DFW Facebook fan, so when NBC 5 Responds tested out the different flower companies on Valentine's Day, she paid attention to "Wayne Wants You To Know."

Those are the tips regularly given at the end of an NBC 5 Responds story to help viewers know what to do when something isn't quite right. 

Things weren't quite right with Angela's flowers, and they came much different than what the original pictures depicted. 

Angela and her boyfriend contacted ProFlowers, which has a money back guarantee and they sent her new flowers. The only problem was they weren't much better. 

NBC 5 Responds got her a full refund. Proflowers went a step further. They sent her a bouquet of roses, on the house.

Problem solved!

ProFlowers told NBC 5 Responds:

"We are pleased that the Proflowers customer was pleased with the outcome. With flowers, as with any perishable product, there are occasional issues."

Sometimes you can take all the right steps and things will still go wrong.

But don't give up. It's your money and NBC 5 Responds is here to help you protect it.

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