Problem Solved: NBC 5 Helps Couple Get Refund for Hot Tub

Consumers blamed the owner of a Lancaster-based hot tub company, who they said was "full of excuses"

Kathy Meringdol had neck and back surgery not too long ago and was hoping a hot tub would help alleviate the pain. But instead, she said she ended up with "a piece of crap."

Meringdol said the tub was missing a plug, three jets and an outside panel, so they haven’t been able to use it.

"It’s a reminder every time I look at it," she said.

The Truongs said they can relate.

They’ve dealt with leaks, a broken control panel and most recently, problems with the filter housing in their hot tub. The mosquitoes may be enjoying it, but the Truongs are not.

Both couples blamed David, the owner of Advanced Services. They said he was unresponsive and full of excuses.

When they couldn’t get their money back, they called NBC 5 Responds to step in.

When we first heard from David, he said he was responding to both couples. He said the Truongs had tampered with their hot tub and the Meringdols were just going through buyer’s remorse. But David said he’d take care of it, offering the Truongs a full fix and the Meringdols a full refund.

When our first story aired, the Meringdols didn’t see that money; they thought it was a lost cause.

But later that day, the owner arrived at their doorstep with an envelope.

Enclosed: $1,700.

"I’m thankful to NBC because y’all did an amazing job and he’s picking up the hot tub today," said Kathy Meringdol.

If you thought that was good news, the owner said he will give the Truongs their money back, too, in about 10 business days.

The owner said he can’t predict when a hot tub is going to break down, and the delays were due to the rain. He said this whole thing has been blown out of proportion and he never had a problem giving them their money back.

But either way, we see this as a problem solved.

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