Problem Solved: Man Faces Bump in the Road for Car Stereo Issue

Many of us get behind the wheel and like to the blast the tunes a bit. So when a Dallas man's stereo system went out, he wanted it fixed fast. But the warranty company kept giving him roadblocks.

Willie Gupton bought the new car stereo in February, and just three months later he had an issue.

"It won't play discs anymore, and it stopped connecting to my phone," Gupton said.

He returned to Fry's Electronics, where they promised to upgrade him to the next model, but they weren't in stock that day.

"So he says, 'Well, it will take two days for one of them to transform from one of our other stores," Gupton said.

He called back after three days and says he was told they needed more time. After a week, he says he was told it would be yet another two weeks.

After that was up, he says he was told they had the stereo but no installation appointment.

"I spent $300. I ain't going to just walk away," Gupton said.

He called NBC 5 Responds for help.

In a statement, Fry's told us:

"Though there was initial confusion in communicating its availability to Mr. Gupton, Fry's had the replacement stereo ready when the KXAS Consumer Investigative Center contacted us. Our Arlington Fry's Store Manager immediately called Mr. Gupton and set up an appointment."

They weren't sure what went wrong but said there was clearly confusion or a miscommunication. But they were happy to get it worked out.

"I really like it better than the other one," Gupton said.

Now he's back to blaring his summertime tunes.

"It sounds better. Got a better sound," he said.

Gupton was patient. If you're not getting anywhere over the phone, walk in and ask to see a store manager. Gupton didn't go right to the top and explain his case. Fry's was happy to help once the right people knew what was going wrong.

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