Problem Solved: Drivers Reimbursed By RaceTrac After Discovering Water in Fuel

Last month, we told you about several people who filled up at local RaceTrac gas station.

Not long after, they said their cars broke down and when they took their cars to the shop, they found water in their fuel.

"I drove about three miles and the car started backfiring, stuttering, doing all kinds of crazy things," said Robert Reith.  "It barely ran."

Abigayle Sharkey said something similar happened to her car.

"I paid for about $15 for gas at the RaceTrac in Granbury.  My damages ended up costing $833.67," she said.

Reith said he returned to the RaceTrac to find out what was wrong with the fuel.

"The manager on duty, I asked for her, she took down all our information and said she’d call me back. She never did," he said.

After seeing more drivers sounding off on Facebook, I reached out to RaceTrac to find out what went wrong.

In a statement, RaceTrac told me that they were made aware of an issue with the premium fuel at the location in question on Sept. 24.

RaceTrac said as soon as they learned of the issue, access to the fuel pumps was discontinued and RaceTrac teams began working to have the fuel drained and replaced.

RaceTrac would not confirm if water was found in their fuel tanks or if the issue was related to the heavy rain and flash flooding that occurred during the time water was found in people’s gas tanks.

The company said, “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused our guests and plan to make this right.”

About a month later, both Reith and Sharkey were fully reimbursed for their car repairs and the gas: that’s $521 for Reith and $849 for Sharkey.

After our first story aired, we heard from other consumers who had complaints about bad gas from other gas stations. 

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