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Problem Solved: Bedford Man Gets Check After Cable Conundrum

A Bedford man had the billing blues after cancelling his cable service. He paid his bill in full but says he got another statement in the mail. That's when he called NBC 5 Responds for help.

We all know the deal. There are so many choices for TV services these days – including cable or satellite streaming through the internet with Roku, Hulu and many more.

The AT&T customer decided to try out another cable provider and called AT&T to cancel his service. In order to fully cancel he had to send back all the equipment, including the modems and cable boxes.

He sent it back, paid his final bill and thought he was all done.

But he got another statement in the mail for a little more than $87. His calls to AT&T didn't answer his questions so he reached out to NBC 5 Responds.

Our team called AT&T and found out that $87 wasn't a bill, but a credit.

He was getting money back for returning the equipment.

But the credit went back on his account that he closed. We talked to AT&T, and they happily cut the Bedford man a check. That $87 this viewer thought was a bill was really money he didn't expect back in his pocket.

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