Problem Pothole Patched in Justin

A construction zone in Justin left a lot of drivers seeing red over potholes, but the problem has been patched.

One pothole on FM 156, near the Allsup's Convenience Store, just south of John Wiley Road was particularly bad and complaints were lodged on social media and via the Texas Department of Transportation's website.

"I've hit it before. It does feel like you fall into a hole or get a flat tire," said Amber Washburn. "It's kinda scary."

Some speculate the pothole is to blame for a crash in the area Thursday.

One man showed NBCDFW a front panel on his vehicle that now flaps, he says the damage happened after hitting the pothole.

On Friday, cars were backed up as Texas Department of Transportation crews patched the roadway.

TxDOT says it received four formal complaints online about the potholes Friday morning.

Crews said they tried to fix it in the past, but the problem reappears in a difficult to manage construction zone. TxDOT says heat might have made the issue worse.

The area where the pothole appeared will eventually be completely rebuilt.

Ryan LaFontaine with TxDOT says FM 156 is being widened from State Highway 114 to 12th Street, the $32 million project will be complete in 2019.

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