Probation for Burglar Who Called 911 After Being Confronted by Armed Homeowner

Homeowner says man's family thanked him for sparing his life

A self-described "unlucky" burglar who called 911 when confronted by an armed homeowner has been sentenced to seven years of probation.

Christopher Lance Moore, 41, this week pleaded guilty to burglary of a habitation in the Dec. 4 incident in Springtown.

Moore entered James Gerow's Parker County home while Gerow and his wife and two children were asleep.

Gerow said he woke up and grabbed a .45 caliber handgun when he heard Moore enter and then leave his bedroom. He then followed Moore out to his pickup truck.

"I asked him who he was and what the hell was he doing in my house," Gerow said.

Moore locked himself in his pickup truck and called 911 after Gerow took his keys.

Dispatcher: Someone has threatened to shoot you. Why have they threatened to shoot you?
Moore: 'Cause I was on his property.
Dispatcher: Because what?
Moore: 'Cause I was on his, on his property.

Gerow held him at gunpoint until sheriff's deputies arrived.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Moore -- when asked by Gerow what he was doing -- answered, "Just unlucky, I guess."

Two weeks ago, Gerow received thank you letters in the mail from Moore's parents, sister and daughter.

They wrote that Moore has battled drug issues for years and thanked Gerow for sparing his life so they could have another chance at helping him get his life back together.

Gerow said he understands how difficult it must have been for them.

"We all have somebody that we know that has problems, and all they need is help, intervention," he said. "And if this is what he needs to have intervention, then good for him."

Moore, of Bedford, was also fined $2,000 and must do 200 hours of community service. If he violates the terms of his probation, he could serve up to 10 years in prison.

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