Private Company to Take Over Operation of Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center

A plan to hand the operation of Dallas' Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center over to private company was approved by the Dallas City Council on Wednesday.

The firm Spectra, owned by NBC parent company Comcast, will take over operation of the city-owned convention center.

City operation has run about $8 million a year short of revenue with hotel tax money covering the loss.

Spectra promised to reduce expenses and improve booking at the same time.

"We don't stop until it's fully booked 365 days a year, so that will be our focus, drive new revenue," Spectra vice president Peter Zingoni said. "We implement a lot of the resources and training we have as an organization to invest back in our employees to enhance that customer experience."

Spectra previously won a contract to run Dallas Fair Park and Zingoni said running both venues would provide opportunities to get the most out of each of them.

Zingoni previously said Spectra would focus on booking short notice events at the convention center and work with VisitDallas on long range convention planning.

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