Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Says Texas Could Vote for Democrat

Yang made campaign stop at Gilley's Dallas on Friday

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In a campaign stop in Dallas late Friday, Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang said the political tides are turning in Texas and predicted a Democrat could win for the first time in more than four decades.

"I believe Texas is turning increasingly purple,” Yang told reporters. “We're seeing it more and more."

The last time a Democratic presidential candidate carried Texas was Jimmy Carter in 1976.

But even Andrew Yang's most vocal supporters wonder if he can carry Texas, even if he somehow wins the nomination.

"A Democrat winning in Texas is probably not that possible,” said Marcos Mateus of Plano.

Speaking to an enthusiastic crowd of several hundred at Gilley’s Dallas, Yang repeated his central campaign themes -- legalizing marijuana, stimulating the economy by taxing corporations and giving every American $1,000 a month, and preparing the economy for robots and automation.

"When was the last time you heard a politician fourth industrial revolution?” he said. “Just now."

The fourth industrial revolution refers to automation replacing workers.

Yang, an entrepeneur and political newcomer, also said he supports impeaching President Trump but doesn't believe the Republican-controlled Senate will remove him.

"I believe Donald Trump will still be the president come 2020 and my job is to beat him in the ballot box,” he said after the rally.

Yang said he hopes to return to Texas soon but for now will focus on the first caucus state of Iowa with a five-day bus tour there next week.

In October, President Trump packed the American Airlines Center.

He and other Republicans are confident they’ll keep Texas red.

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