Preparing Yourself for the Season of Sickness

Tips on preventing cold, flu and other bugs this winter season

It's the season of sickness and you can see it on the map.

The latest flu numbers from the Centers for Disease Control show high activity flu levels in our region, with particularly high numbers of flu activity with our neighbors in Louisiana. Texas is currently listed on the map as having moderate levels of flu activity.

Overall, the CDC reports flu cases are on the rise.

Overall, the CDC reports flu cases are on the rise. If you haven't done so already, doctors say now is the time to start thinking about prevention, starting with good habits.

"To prevent from getting sick, I just make sure that I eat well. Do my normal breakfast, lunch and dinner. Get my dose of Vitamin C," said Dallas resident Dominic Pennington. "Just make sure I keep that routine up and everything else just falls into place."

"I'm originally from Mississippi, so I was always taught to make homemade lemon tea with honey and peppermint. I think it's just about taking care of yourself and being prepared, prepare ahead of time," said Vanessa Edwards of Dallas.

The following tips are provided from the CDC and local doctors in helping to prevent the spread of germs and viruses this winter season:

  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched items at work and at home, such as keyboards, remotes, counter tops and other work spaces. Keep a stock of disinfectant wipes handy.
  • Use hand sanitizer frequently and put one in your pocket or purse.
  • Stock up on zinc. According to the Mayo Clinic, taking zinc at the onset of a cold or when you start to feel a tickle in your throat may lessen the severity of your symptoms.
  • Drink water and stay hydrated just as you would over the summer to prevent dehydration.
  • Take Vitamin C, either through oranges or supplements, in order to boost your immune system. Doctors say other vitamins like Vitamin D take a hit in the winter because we’re not getting as much sun exposure as we do in the summer.
  • If you are sick or getting over an illness, use tissues any time you cough or sneeze to prevent the spread of germs. Your co-workers will thank you for it!
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