Preparations Underway for Donald Trump Rally

Thousands will line up at the doors at the American Airlines Center in Dallas Monday to see GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump at his campaign rally.

“Donald Trump for sure,” said a Trump supporter planning to attend Monday’s rally.

He and his wife have their tickets ready. NBC 5 found them biking through Victory Park checking out Monday’s venue. His wife is from Paraguay and the couple said they’re excited to hear Trump's policies including immigration.

“I say, you have to do what my wife did,” the supporter said. “She came over and went through the process and became legal.”

During the rally, protesters opposing Trump will be outside the arena. Many people are not thrilled about Trump's visit to Dallas.

“I’m not excited at all,” said Hugo Lopez. “I’m glad I’m going to be working tomorrow. I’m dedicating myself to work. I’m not paying attention to that.”

But not all of the 20,000 people expected to attend have made up their minds about Trump.

“He got an opinion, everybody has an opinion,” said Jaime Lopez. “Let’s go with it. Whatever he wants to say, let him have it.”

The rally starts at 6 p.m. Monday. Tickets were free to the event, but they've all been handed out. The only tickets available are online and some are going for as much as $100.

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