Preparations Begin to Remove Collapsed Crane From Dallas Apartment Building

Businesses as well as 500 displaced residents have been waiting for the crane to be removed

What to Know

  • Kiersten Smith,29, killed when crane collapses in severe thunderstorm June 9. Five others were injured.
  • More than 500 residents have been unable to return to their apartments since the collapse.
  • The collapse damaged 124 units along with the parking garage.

There was increased movement at the Elan City Lights apartment complex in Dallas, the site of a crane collapse that left 29-year-old Kiersten Smith dead, several injured and 500 people displaced.

Busy Live Oak Street has been closed since the collapse on June 9, but on Wednesday crews began setting up for the intensive removal of the crane, which is expected to take at least two months.

Texas Sky Ranger captured images of specialized mats being installed in preparation for three cranes to be set up to begin removing the crane.

The Corner Donuts shop is glad to see the activity, the owner says she's lost customers because Live Oak has been been closed.

"Hopefully it [will] get done sooner, because hopefully we can survive until that time, because [it] slowed business a lot," said Doan Bui.

Dallas Tattoo and Arts Company has also been impacted, a fence has been placed in front of its doors, slowing down walk-in business.

"In the 60 days, we're seeing 40 to 50% down from where we normally are," said Rudy Hetzer the owner of Dallas Tattoo and Arts Company. "I have a family, my guys have a families so, it's really affecting just us."

Residents of the 124 units directly impacted have not been able to get to any of their belongings. They'll have to wait for the crane to be removed and for engineers to give the all clear, before they find out if they can get back inside back.

Chelsea Villanueva's belongings are boxed up, because she was about to move out when the crane came down. She worries that removing the crane will cause more damage.

"It's a scary thought, to think that whenever they remove the crane, like is debris going to fall and then my apartment is going to be completely ruined," said Villanueva. Her boyfriend also still has his car in the garage which was also heavily damaged. The fate of vehicles still inside is unknown.

Crews will be using a cutting torch to remove sections of the damaged crane. Dallas firefighters will be on hand during the work as a precaution.

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