Prehistoric History Up for Auction

Dinosaur skeletons that are hundreds of millions of years old on auction next month


Ancient history is being put up for auction in Dallas.

Four authentic dinosaur skeletons will be sold next month at the biggest dinosaur auction of its kind.

“Truly, these things are priceless. They are almost irreplaceable,” said Ron Tykoski a paleontologist at the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas.

On June 12, some bidders will name a price.

An almost complete Triceratops skeleton is expected to sell for at least $700,000

An Allosaurus and a Stegosaurus known as “The Fighting Pair" are thought to fetch $2.8 million.

It’s quite an investment for something hundreds of millions of years old. So, who buys?

“There are private clients. There are famous people. There are people who buy it and donate it to museums,” said Peter Wiggins with Heritage Auction Galleries.

The other three skeletons, a colossal fish, a Maiasaura and a huge ground sloth, are warehoused in crates.

Those who can’t afford to bid but want to see the dinosaurs can view them publicly at the Tower Building in Dallas’ Fair Park from June 8-12.

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