Six Cases of Zika Virus Confirmed in Texas: Officials

Pregnant Women Grow Concerned About Zika Virus, Cancel Trips

State health officials say there are now six confirmed cases of Zika virus in Texas, and travel agents are hearing from pregnant women and others who want to change their travel plans due to the virus.

"A lot of concern," said Steve Cosgrove at Southlake's Dynamic Travel and Cruises. "They're pleased that the major carriers are allowing them to cancel or re-book with no penalty. Carnival is now allowing people to rebook with no penalty, but quite a bit of concern out there."

About a dozen of his clients this week canceled cruises and other trips because of the virus.

"Cancel, rebook, reschedule, pick another destination," said Cosgrove.

Others who don't plan to travel are also concerned about their unborn babies, reaching out to their doctors with questions about the virus.

"(They say) 'Do we need to do something, do we need to be worried?'" said Dr. Kelli Culpepper, OB-GYN at Medical City Dallas. "I said, at this point, no. We don't have it in Dallas, but I'm going to tell you the same thing I tell every patient every spring when West Nile season starts: use bug spray."

Culpepper advises pregnant women to avoid traveling to countries affected by the Zika virus.

"I would say if you don't have to take the trip, don't take it. Don't take it," said Culpepper. "It's just not worth the risk."

The Texas Department of State Health Services said Friday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed six cases of Zika in Southeast Texas. All of the cases are associated with travel to areas where Zika is currently being transmitted.

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