Prairie View A&M University Band Members Inspire Local High School Students

They're marching onto the campus of South Oak Cliff High School hoping to strike a positive note with the students.

The Prairie View A&M University band is known for putting on a great show.

It seems to be working on high school senior Tamiah Sansom.

"This is very inspiring to me," Sansom said. "PV has been my dream college since I was in middle school, I mean elementary school sorry. And for them to come and give us a personal show is very, very amusing."

Prairie View A&M University band, a historically black college and university, is touring a few different schools.

They also visited DeSoto High School. This becomes a great marketing tool for the HBCU. Forty-nine percent of the band members come from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Many band members are happy to return and be a positive influence.

"I'm glad I can do my part as a DISD graduate," Drum Major Colangelo Tolbert II said. "I went to Carter High School off Wheatland Road. So I'm glad I'm able to do my part on the collegiate level to bring in the next area of kids in."

Educators in the district say having the band visit the schools really does make a difference.

"It gives the inspiration I can do that," DeSoto ISD's 'Let's Gear Up' project director Robin Johnson said. "I can be that person. I can be that band director. I can be that college president. I can be that Dean of the Education Department. I think really having this one on one experience is going to be a phenomenal road and open up many doors to our students."

One DeSoto senior was surprised with her admission acceptance letter to Prairie View A&M University.

"They called my name and I came down and I found out I got accepted and I'm really excited about that," DeSoto senior Tiana Jackson said.

So they have her and many more that are ready to come and join the HBCU family.

"It's like I'm already feeling the college vibe now as they're here so I can't wait to actually get on campus and be an actual student at PVA&MU," DeSoto senior Wrenden Browers said.

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