Angry Public Looks for Powell on Internet

Robert Powell's found on social networking sites come under scrutiny after the Ryan Moats case goes public.

Some people believe they have found Dallas police officer Robert Powell's MySpace page and they believe the comments on it are about the Ryan Moats fiasco.

The page is private and there's no real way to be sure it's THE Robert Powell that has become the focus of North Texas and the nation.

The message was simple:

"Blessed With Two Beautiful Children All I can do is HOLD MY HEAD UP HIGH n wait for this to blow over. Thanks to everyone standing behind me n helping me get through this. Love U Honey!!!!"

UPDATE: That paragraph is now gone, the page only shows a photo of a tattoo and no message other than it's a private page.

Interestingly there are other Robert Powell's with Facebook pages and they're  being inundated with messages.

One Robert Powell posted on his wall "I am not the cop who pulled over Ryan Moats in Dallas… so please stop sending me msgs about how much you hate me .. I'M NOT HIM !"

As if you needed another example of how this story has struck a cord with people and how high emotions really are.

In the quest for information, Brian Cuban, a blogger, has uploaded what he said is a cached version of Powell's Xanga site before it was taken down.

It's quite clear, North Texans want to hear from this young officer and they're looking for him all over the Internet.

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