Potholes Popping Back Up Across North Texas

The weather is causing havoc on North Texas roads as more potholes reappear.

"A lot of those temporary patches are coming up left and right," said Michelle Releford, with the Texas Department of Transportation. "We re-patch them again in the sunny parts. The weeks in between the rain we do the best we can, but then they come back up as soon as it starts raining again."

One particular pothole is tying up traffic in southern Dallas. And it's still bad after several repeated repairs.

"Everything shakes and rattles, and it's hard. It scares you a little bit," said Dallas driver Justin Tamplen, who lost a tire to the pothole. "Now I slow down to about 10 miles an hour just to go over it."

The pothole stretches across multiple lanes on a stretch of highway ramp right before the bridge from westbound Interstate 20 at southbound Interstate 35E.

Small cars and big trucks bounce over it like cobblestone ice in the winter, and rush hour traffic slows to a crawl to cross it safely, causing backups on I-20.

A permanent repair could take months, TxDOT says.

"It could be months, it really could," said Releford. "We need time. We need time in between rain storms. We need time when it doesn't. When it's not too cold, we need time before the real winter weather hits."

The weather coming in later this week is exactly the sort that will lift up temporary patches, so expect to see more potholes reappear everywhere in the next week.

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