Potential Medical Meltdown Tied to Sunset Bill

We are more than halfway through the special session and lawmakers have yet to pass legislation to keep several state agencies open, including the Texas Medical Board and The Medical Practice Act.

Physicians across the state say they are on edge, running out of time and patience. Two of the main items that are in jeopardy include:

The Medical Practice Act, which sets the standards placed on physicians. If the Medical Practice Act is eliminated, more patients could be exposed to medical fraud.

The second item physicians say needs to be reinstated is the Texas Medical Board (TMB).

"Physicians would not be able to practice medicine in the state of Texas because they wouldn't have a license," said Dr. Carlos Cardenas, the president of the Texas Medical Association.

The bill is one step closer to being placed on the Governor's desk. The special session ends on Wednesday, August 16. Texas Governor Greg Abbott can call for another special session if it is needed. 

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