Possum Kingdom Lake Welcoming Summer Tourism

Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce offers media tour of the area

Back from ashes and open for business, that's what the Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce wants you to know as you plan your next vacation to Possum Kingdom Lake.

Just a year ago wildfires ripped through three major areas causing $100 million dollars in damage according to the chamber. After learning of the fires, people canceled their travel plans to the area.

On Thursday, the chamber hosted a media day on the lake to showcase rebuilding across the area to show people the lake and places around it are still beautiful.

The chamber says 207 homes were damaged and 150 of those were destroyed, 50 of those homes are currently being rebuilt.

"I bought this in 1995 to move out here and live happily ever after," said Jim Brumbelow who is rebuilding his home in Sportsman's World. "This is debris that I cleared off my slab. I was able to use my slab."

Sportsman's World lost a third of the homes. A year later, 28 are being rebuilt or have the okay to be rebuilt. 24 of those are rebuilds while 4 are new homes.

"I'm sure glad that year is behind me," said Brumbelow.

The Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce says the area typically sees around one million visitors a year, and they hope visitors return this vacation season.

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