Suspect in Dallas Police Attack Was Well Known to Police

The suspect in the attack on the Dallas Police headquarters was mentally ill and "heard voices," his mother said.

James Boulware, suspected of attacking the headquarters of the Dallas Police Department Saturday, was arrested in 2013 for choking his mother "to the point of unconsciousness," police told NBC 5.

"We apologize to the police for his behavior," Jeannine Hammond said of her son, James Boulware, in a statement after Saturday's attack.

"We loved him and will remember him as the man he was before all of this took place. We are so grateful that no other families are having to bury anyone because of his actions."

Hammond called police in Paris, Texas, in April 2013 to report that Boulware choked her and strangled his uncle, according to court records. Boulware was jailed but the charges were later dropped, his father said.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said police were aware of ongoing issues related to a custody dispute involving Boulware's son.

"There were 3 family violence cases against this suspect and there apparently was some kind of custody issue, as a result of these family violence issues," Brown said Saturday morning. "We had no other indication of this suspect threatening police officers or threatening police facilities."

Listen to Dallas police scanner traffic after the attack on Dallas police headquarters early Saturday morning.

Brown also mentioned that Boulware had made threats against judges and on social media, and responded during the press conference Saturday morning that  they "have taken steps to ensuring safety of judges who suspect threatened before."

"We've been dealing with this for a long time," said Boulware's mother. "I'm glad nobody else was hurt."

Dallas police officers engaged in a standoff after a pursuit led them to Hutchins following shots fired at the Dallas Police Headquarters.

At the time of Boulware's arrest in 2013, police issued a public alert that he was armed with guns, a large amount of ammunition, and also had body armor, and might go on a shooting spree.

"He was going to just kill all the adult members of the family and then that’s when he made the comment he may shoot up some churches and schools," said Paris police chief Bob Hundley, according to a 2013 news report on NBC station KTEN.

A deputy spotted him in Paris and Boulware was arrested without incident.

Video uploaded to YouTube by user madwho12 shows what Dallas police said were shots fired outside police headquarters on Saturday, June 13, 2015.

According to an arrest report, the incident began when Boulware attacked two family members and went on a rant.

His mother "had gone into the kitchen to make her something to eat when the suspect began making comments about North and South Korea, and began talking rudely about religion, Jews and Christians," a police affidavit said. "The suspect suddenly grabbed (his mother’s) throat with both of his hands and began squeezing."

"He then punched his uncle and choked him “to the point of unconsciousness,” the affidavit said.

A neighbor told KTEN that Boulware had been a mechanic and worked out of a "mobile van."

Boulware's father Jim said his son was angry not getting custody of his son.

"He looked at the police as taking his son," the elder Boulware said.

Jim Boulware said his son mowed his lawn on Friday and left about 9:30 p.m., saying he was heading to West Texas to visit a friend.

"And I told him, my last words were, 'Have a nice trip,'" Jim Boulware said.

Boulware also was arrested for possession of marijuana in 2013, according to public records.

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NBC 5's Scott Gordon contributed to this report.

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