Possible Russian Trolls Try to Register for Texas Democratic Convention: Report

NBC News has found that possible Russian trolls tried to register for a Texas Democratic Party convention.

A Texan can register online to attend one of the political parties' conventions. Glen Maxey, the party affairs director for the state's Democratic Party, was looking back on a small number of registrations that failed ahead of next week's state convention in Austin.

Oftentimes, those mistakes can be chalked up to simple mistakes like typos. But Maxey said he found 25 email addresses that ended in "mail.ru," which he says is a Russian domain. Others were also problematic.

NBC News did its own investigation, looking into to 48 emails. Sixteen came back undeliverable. NBC received no responses within a week's time on the 25 with the "mail.ru" addresses.

Click here to see the full NBC News report.

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