Frisco ISD School Board Approves Tax Ratification Election, Bond Package for November Ballot

The school board approved the measures Monday -- the last day to place a proposal on the ballot in November

Frisco ISD's school board voted Monday night to add a tax ratification election and a bond package to the ballot in the upcoming November election.

Monday marked the deadline to add the proposals to the ballot.

The tax ratification vote will ask voters to approve a 13 cent increase, that would be offset by a school board resolution. The overall outcome would actually be a two cent decrease in Frisco's overall tax rate.

The bond the school board approved Monday for the November ballot would authorize Frisco ISD to build new schools and renovate existing facilities.

The tax ratification failed in 2016, but the school district's Facilities and Programs Evaluation Committee recommended in late July that the school board again put the issues on the ballot.

The committee, made up of about 50 parents said the money could pay for things like new schools and facilities, athletic offices and a fine arts center.

"There's been literally hundreds of meetings and hundreds of hours of work and a large number of meetings in the last two years all aimed at weaving through these dollars and why," said Sean Heatley, co-chair of the Frisco ISD Facilities & Programs Evaluation Committee.

Frisco ISD is the fastest-growing school district in Texas.

"The key takeaway is that the process changed and so is it a perfect plan? Time will tell, right? We don't know but we took our ability to be in the process very seriously," Heatley said.

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