Portions of Southwest Airlines' Website Down Tuesday

Southwest Airlines customers stumbled across technical difficulties with the Dallas-based company's website Tuesday morning.

An error message on Southwest.com read, "portions of the Southwest Airlines website are experiencing technical difficulties and are currently unavailable. We are working to make it available again as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please try again later."

Customer service representatives mobilized on the company's Twitter page to offer apologies to people reporting issues.

Though there was trouble online, the airline said flights were not affected.

"We began experiencing a period of slowness with some functions on Southwest.com earlier today; however, our website was never down and flights are not affected. The issues are being resolved, and our website should be fully functional soon. We appreciate the patience of our Customers," Southwest said.

Atlanta-based Delta issued a ground stop Sunday night after a systems outage. A Delta spokesman said about 150 flights were canceled before operations resumed Monday morning.

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