Porch Prowling Cougar Caught on Camera

The mountain lion was safely relocated to a remote area

A Utah man says his doorbell camera captured a cougar prowling around his front porch.

Jeff Bonham said he was alone at his home when he got a notification from his Ring doorbell app. He looked at the camera and discovered there was a mountain lion on his front porch.

"When I first looked at it, I thought it was a dog on my front porch that had set it off, but when I'd seen the tail, I realized it was a mountain cat," said Bonham.

He searched for the cougar and found it under his trailer.

"I just got down on all fours and looked underneath our dump trailer and you could see him, he was underneath the dump trailer," Bonham said. "I was about, maybe I shouldn't say how foolish I was, I was about 35 to 40 feet away from him."

Bonham managed to snap a picture then called police, who called the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Biologists came to the home and eventually tranquilized the mountain lion.

DWR took vitals and tagged the mountain lion before safely relocating him to a remote area.

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