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Popular Radio Host Kellie Rasberry Opens Up About Engagement

North Texas radio darling Kellie Rasberry is tying the knot. The popular "Kidd Kraddick in the Morning" host has been famously open about her life on the air – from infertility to her painful divorce, single motherhood and dating – talked about finding love again with NBC 5.

"I was at a place in my life when I really wanted somebody," Rasberry said.

Finishing her sentence, Rasberry's fiance, Allen Evans, said, "And you 'swiped left' on me the first time!"

"There was just one picture I didn't like," Rasberry said. "It was literally one picture. He was wearing a scarf and he was doing a very cheesy pose and I was like, 'No.'"

But Evans says persistence paid off.

The two went on a few dates.

"It was about four dates before he ever tried to kiss me," Rasberry said, which was not OK with her, she admits.

"I wanted him to be a bit more aggressive, so at first I thought it was going nowhere, but he won me over," she said.

Next on the list for Evans was winning over Rasberry's 10-year-old daughter, Emma Kelly.

"I think she didn't want me to steal her mother. She would get between us if we were watching a movie. I would make sure I didn't give too many kisses on the way out. I totally understood it," Evans said.

His magic tricks, he says, did the trick.

"Magic was part of it. It's a hobby. Just being consistently positive. That's what I tried to do," he said.

"She has her moments. She was a little threatened, afraid that our relationship would change. I told her we would have more mommy/daughter dates, just the two of us," Rasberry said.

Then, a little over a year after they started dating, Evans popped the question with a deck of cards.

"When I turned over the one that said, 'Will you marry me?' I was like, 'Oh, my God!" Rasberry said.

Timing, she says, was everything. She turns 50 years old this year.

"What can I do? My age is my age. To be turning 50, that's a milestone, and to be getting married, my cup overfloweth. It's been a wonderful year. There's hope. I don't want anybody to give up. God's timing isn't always our timing. Everything had to time out perfectly for us to be together," Rasberry said.

The couple is hoping for a July wedding, and yes, Rasberry says you will be hearing about it every morning on the radio.

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