Ben Russell

Popular Grand Prairie Restaurant To Reopen After Floods

Oasis was closed three separate times in eight months due to flooding

A floating Grand Prairie restaurant is set to reopen Tuesday, three months after flooding forced its closure for the third time in 2015. [[370615581,C]]

The Oasis at Joe Pool Lake has been closed since early December, when the lake level rose and the city’s pump station failed, according to the restaurant’s website. Heavy rains and high water kept the restaurant closed since the middle of last May.

It reopened briefly in September, then again in late November, only to close again both times.

The reopening will be a welcome return for the restaurant’s owners and customers.

"Phones have been ringing off the hook," Oasis Assistant General Manager Matt Ducey said. "People calling, asking when we're gonna get it going. People wanting to know when they can get in here and start having some good times again."

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