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Polytechnic HS Student Hospitalized After Shooting: Police

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A student from Polytechnic High School was hospitalized after he was stabbed and shot outside a nearby convenience store Thursday morning, police say.

Fort Worth ISD officials confirmed the victim is an 11th grader at the school. According to Officer Buddy Calzada with the Fort Worth Police Department, the incident started as a fight outside the Texaco convenience store during the school's lunch hour.

"The one victim started on this west side, ran to the other side and was in a fight with one individual," Officer Calzada said. "In the middle of that fight, I’m not sure what took place but someone else was called upon, to assist and that individual had a handgun. As that one person was being held down or in the middle of this fight, that’s when this shooting took place."

At least three gunshots were fired but the victim sustained one gunshot wound, Calzada said.

At this point, police are looking for two people of interest. Though it is not immediately clear whether they are also Polytechnic High School students, Calzada said.

"I will tell you one person is responsible for the stabbing. A separate individual is responsible for the shooting," he said. "One motive here is that it could be gang related which is why gang [unit] is taking it over so I think the one thing here would be a gang-related issue."

The school, which is located across the street from the store and gas station, was placed on lockdown. It has since been lifted.

Maria Gomez arrived to pick up her son early after hearing what happened.

"With all this going on in schools, you just get worried with your child in there," Gomez said. "To me, it’s a safe place and this is where he wanted to come but they handled it real good."

Police say they collaborated with the school all afternoon.

"We have school initiative officers that work with the school and they were here within seconds," Calzada said. "This took place off place but being this close to a school, they were able to respond immediately along with our central and inside officers."

A crime scene was set up outside the convenience store where a student was shot Wednesday morning.
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