Poll Worker Injured By Blades on Campaign Sign

The Trump campaign sign was blocking an official polling site sign

Police are searching for a suspect who attached sharp blades to a Donald Trump campaign sign that was posted on a North Texas college campus.

School officials say an election worker was at the Spring Creek Campus of Collin College in Plano early Tuesday morning when he noticed the Trump campaign sign blocking the official polling site sign.


The worker tried to re-position the sign to its correct location, but when he picked it up his hands were cut by box-cutter blades attached to the sign.

The cuts were minor, so he treated the wounds himself and did not seek medical attention.

"The safety of our campus is of the utmost importance, so the incident was reported to the campus police and the Texas Rangers for investigation," said Lisa Vasquez, public relations spokesperson for Collin College. "All campaign signs on the college’s campuses are being inspected, and any sharps found on signage will be removed. The college will be working with local election officials and both political parties to ensure safety."

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