Poll-Vault: Perry Tops Hutchison in Latest Survey

Perry on top but 27 percent remain undecided

Even though he's a Texas A&M Aggie, Gov. Rick Perry is showing strong support in the latest University of Texas poll for Governor.

The poll shows Perry with a 12 point lead against his main rival, US Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Perry's 38 percent support amongst all GOP primary voters tops Hutchison's 26 percent. But a whopping 27 percent of voters were undecided.

The news comes just a few days after Perry's campaign said it raised nearly $4.2 million in nine days for the campaign.

Hutchison may be down in the poll, but she's not out of the race and other poll results shine a light on who the Hutchison campaign needs to go after.

Perry and Hutchison were tied at 29 percent with people calling themselves "Not Very Strong Republicans". Also, "Independent Leaning Republicans" favored Hutchison 41 percent to Perry's 31 percent, adding to the speculation that Independent Republicans and conservative Democrats may favor Hutchison in the GOP Primary.

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