Poll: Texans Agree with Gov's Anti-Washington Stance

Results come from a Texas Lyceum Poll

A new poll on Texans feel about the economy, government bailouts and stimulus money bodes well for Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

The poll, conducted by the Texas Lyceum, shows Perry's anti-Washington stance is playing well with Texans.

The poll showed that Texans don't like how Washington has handled the bank and automaker bailouts.

Texas has accepted billions in federal stimulus money, but Perry did reject more than $550 million in unemployment insurance funds from the Feds saying it had too many strings attached.

The polling showed that 58 percent of respondents agreed with Perry's move, even though it drew criticism from Democrats and his probable GOP gubernatorial opponent, U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Hutchison can also find some good in the numbers. Fifty-eight percent of those polled think the stimulus funds from Washington are helping the U.S. economy.

More results from the polling are expected in the next few days.

To view the complete poll, click here.

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