Police: Witnesses Saw Drivers Shooting Before Dangerous Crash

DeSoto Police have released surveillance footage of a crash they believe started with road rage.

It happened around 12:30 p.m. Friday afternoon at the intersection of Danieldale Road and Polk Street near the DeSoto and Dallas city limits.

Police believe a late model white Kia Forte was chasing a late model Mercedes Benz C-class on Polk Street. The speeding Mercedes ran a stop sign smashing into a pickup truck trying to cross the street. Police say the people in both vehicles were critically injured.

Witnesses told police before the crash, the Kia and Mercedes were exchanging gun fire. 

The Kia fled the scene following the collision heading west on Danieldale Road. Police are looking for the person or people who were inside.

Anyone with information is asked to call DeSoto or Dallas Police.

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