Police Warn About Stolen Property Selling On Facebook

Thieves are using popular Facebook online garage sales to make a quick buck on stolen items.

One woman in Lewisville said she is trying to get back her stolen property after burglars kicked in the front door of her home and stole electronics and several pieces of jewelry.

Brandye Burris said after the theft, she went to a local pawn shop but was told she would have better luck checking online garage sales on Facebook, where thieves could post items for sale that they've taken illegally.

"It surprised me, because I almost felt like, well, aren't those pages seen by so many people? It almost seems kinda risky," Burris said.

Online garage sales are an easy way to sell your items to neighbors. In fact, Burris has even used them to buy and sell children's toys in the past.

But police say the sites have become an easy way for burglars to unload.

"If you're a buyer and the deal seems too good to be true, you might want to be cautious. The odds are you might be buying stolen property," said Lewisville Police Lt. Scott Haynes.

Police say it's usually up to you to scour through the sites for your stolen items. If you come across something that's yours, you should call the police department that took your original crime report.

"Let us make arrangements to make contact with the seller and get the property back," said Haynes.

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